Thursday, August 19, 2010

Atkins diet - Day 1

Im starting my "all protein and fat" diet, i already feel dizzy lol, maybe im just anxious, like i cant sit still. I decided to write like a Atkins diet journal of sort, like about what i ate and how i feel, also i have to take a picture of me self today to see progress when im done with this 2 weeks of ketosis.

Im doing this diet to get myself toned up, to burn the fat thats on my belly and my thighs, while maintaining my muscle. I needed a change in my diet to help me achieve my fitness look, been delaying this for so long, so i have to do this

Today's food:

Breakfast: one scoop protein shake(could be bad idea to do that),
3 eggs, 1 piece of spam

Lunch: 3 piece chicken thigh

Snack: 2 piece chicken thigh

Dinner: 3 piece chicken thigh

Snack: 2 piece chicken wings with cheese, and little cucumbers

mood: i was walking around the grocery super dozzy like a zombie, and i was feeling pretty stressed out there, just wanted to get out of there ASAP. Whats weird is i feel the urge to workout, i couldnt sit still, i was rubbing my hands together, when i sit down i was leaning on stuff, constantly tapping my feet like an impatient person

I was suppose to post this last night, but came back late from grocery shopping and was cooking todays meal, after that im just so exhausted,