Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flexi walk cycle

I've been reading the Animator's Survival Kit, and watching the videos as well, and i've learn about broken limps in walk cycles, so i thought i apply it in this cycle that i did. It works like magic.

Took me too long to do this cycle, had to redo it, the first one had alot of knee pops and weird things.

I dont know what to call this walk, so i call it "flexi," cause he look so rubbery.


Flexi walk cycle from andrew tan on Vimeo.

One legged jump animation

Refreshing on my basics.

One Legged animation from andrew tan on Vimeo.

This was done on September 4, 2009. I posted it here cause i use this as my animation blog as well now.

Team Rubberfly's "Code Red"

A short film i was involved in with 4 other of my teammates. I was one of the animators in the group. I was the sound editor as well, and abit of modelling.

Hello!We are team rubberfly, and this short animation is the visual and audio outcome of our blood, sweat and tears.

we have been working on this short film for 10 months. (pre-pro, pro, post-pro) and after long await, we are proud to finally post up for the world to enjoy!

This project is the fruit of labor of five talented individuals,

Andrew Tan(me!)
Carson Yim
Charmaine lee
Meng Guan
Jarold Sng

Cheers everyone, and we hope you enjoy it!

*Autodesk Maya 8.5
*Adobe Photoshop
*Adobe Aftereffects
*Autodesk Combustion
*Illusion*Adobe Premiere
*Sony Vegas

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Me playing piano! VIDEOS!!!

Its been a while, yea i just got my piano, and its a beauty. Yamaha DGX-630. Its pretty much like a piano and a keyboard fused together. Hammer keys with all the voices and such. I forgot to upload the pic i took from my phone, but i recorded some vids yesterday, so enjoy.

I recorded using my cam's mic, so the sound is shit.

You might see times where im just looking at the cam, or looking up somewhere, i can't remember why, but just pretend it's normal. I screwed up abit too on some songs.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Test animation/ Piano comes today!

Floursack test animation #2 from andrew tan on Vimeo.


My piano comes today! i have to go dentist first later, piano! So many songs i wanna play, some are just ridiculous.

I post pics and videos later.

btw i made a blog for my animations, thought i should use blogspot instead of weebly, havent customize everything yet. So laters.