Saturday, May 30, 2009

30 day drawing challenge: Day 4 of Salvation

Just watched Terminator: Salvation, its like super awesome with a capital P. Abit confused in the story, since i did not watch the first two, so im downloading it now.

If you haven't heard, i am currently on a personal drawing challenge. "Daily Drawing Challenge," DDC for short. Everyday for 30 days, im going to draw for 30-60 mins. Its just for fun, challenge myself to be better, join me if you want, im on day 4 right now. I realised that i can't just do one skill in this industry, which is animating, doing other stuff may benefit my animation and my lifestyle, so now im doing this challenge. Maybe next time i do a 3d modelling challenge? that be insane. Its better than just wasting your time surfing the net for nothing, do more productive things.

Well im not getting any calls from any studios, all my teammates are like getting interviews and jobs, me just stuck here :( Im considering working at a tutor in college, seems pretty good, maybe hooi ling is just making it sound good, it seems quite free, and im learning some Animation Mentor stuff from one of the lecs as well. The pay is the same too. So at the same time, i can learn all these things and better my portfolio, cause my demoreel is not berry good right now. Will be better soon. Thumbs Up.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meet the Spy

The meet the Spy video is out, i think its by far THE BEST "meet the" series from Team Fortress 2. I like it alot, animation super uber. 4 mins long! Check it out!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stand up?!

Went to stand up show with me gang of ppl, bro, sis, jon, carson, and anne. It was quite fun, there were 9 comics, some were good, some were hard to understand. They seem to make alot of economy jokes, which i dont like so much. And then i start to think, can I be a stand up comedian? i mean i tend to make ppl laugh alot, unconsciously kidda, so i thought that i might be able to do it, it wont hurt to try. Its quite exciting afterall, i always thought wht i be like to do stand up, since i such a huge fan stand up. Dave Chapelle my idol.

So i talk to one of the guys in charge of the whole comedy team, theres about 7 of them doing this, and they are one of the only stand up comedians in KL. One of the guys incharge of all this said im totally welcome to join, he gave me some tips on doing stand up, and he wants me to join for next month, which is june. According to him, you may not do a good job, but then the second time you go, it be a huge confident boost, and then more and more and more, and the ball will be rolling none stop. After hearing all these, it motivated me to do it more. They told me to keep a notepad, and when anything comes up just write it down. So i be doing this, writing it down, i be testing it, if it works out well, i be doing it.

I realised that im quite weird, i like to do alot of things and alot of weird things, thats how i roll i guess, i love it, i love me, i wanna have sex with myself.