Saturday, February 27, 2010

In A Bar - acting animation

Hello again, i have done my acting animation, the last animation im gonna do before i compile my new demoreel for 2009/2010.(im still gonna do more, but just for this demoreel is the last)

I should show you my POLISHED first, then i show my progress of how i did it

In A Bar - polished from andrew tan on Vimeo.



In A Bar - blocking from andrew tan on Vimeo.

Before i did the Blocking, i recorded myself acting out the shot, i re-recorded it a few times, because i had a hard time feeling the character, i even tried putting on a dress shirt, so that i would feel more like the character(which actually helps). I also found that it's best to act out the shot without lipsyncing to the audio, because theres too many stuff to focus on, cause you have to remember the poses that you gonna do, and you have to listen to the audio making sure the timing is right. Your body tends to do little subconscious movements when you're listening.

So instead, i act out the scene myself, i listen to it over and over and over, until i memorized all the lines and got myself use to the timing. I realised that when you act out without the audio, you can find new poses and subtle movements that you can add in(in my case, was that nose rub).

I read the article about acting out your lipsync in 11 second club

Friday, February 12, 2010

Weird Animation contest site

Its like Sports teams, but the teams are Animators, and they make dance moves to compete with each other....its really strange, but quite interesting.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Emma in 20 seconds.

Likes paiting nails

Hates Mushiness

Helps with dishes

Needs coffee to be woken up

Gets sick of certain food after few repetitions, aka Picky

Cold and Nice

Phobia of fishes
Likes to bully

Likes sweet stuff

Likes guinea pigs
And totally in LOVE with this dude with the cup

I sort of heart you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blind Wushu animation


Blind Wushu - Polished(final) from andrew tan on Vimeo.

-This is my reference for this animation, yes that is Jet Li, 16 years old-


Blind Wushu - Blocking from andrew tan on Vimeo.

:This my first time doing layered animation, thought i give it a try, so i started doing the lower body first, then adding in the torso and head to really get that arc that i want.

Blind Wushu - Splined(with no arms) from andrew tan on Vimeo.


Lipsync animation soon to come.