Monday, July 13, 2009

July is the month for hardcore training.

Yup as its gonna be hardcore, hardcore July, doing weights, cardio stuff, gymnastics, and ninjitsu. Hopefully i get the muscle i want from my Truemass, im being True to Truemass. Lets see after all these hardcore training i could get the 6-pack, according to my sis i COULD, but i somehow doubt so, cause i like to eat, alot.

I must do some approaches, i get anxiety sometimes, most of the time. I should do the pick up game with someone, which is pretty much you give your friend like 5 10dollar bills, and everytime you make an approach, your friend give you one 10buck. So its kidda forcing you to do the approach, which is quite good, i should give it a go.

I must sleep now, early run tom.