Monday, May 17, 2010

My laptop is here! ASUS

I’ve finally received my laptop after waiting for almost a month, i actually got this few days ago. Cost me about RM3k, it’s pretty cheap considering its pretty much same price as Acer but alot more stable and solid. I gotta tell you this model is ridiculously hard to find, it’s always out of stock. If i were to get Toshiba or Sony i would have to spend about 1k+ more with the same specs.

This is a so called NEW model, its similar to the A52jr exc

ept that the graphic card is lower, that’s it, and the price is slightly lower, just very slight. So im actually typing this blog using Windows Live Writer on me laptop, and it also has bluetooth so i took a pic using my phone and bluetooth it over, what a way to test it out.


Messy background, at my work place.