Thursday, May 20, 2010

Will Smith's spectacular acting

I was doing some research about great acting, and how if you just watch the key poses of without the audio you can still get the story, just like in animation. I bumped into Will Smith's old sitcom tv show, Fresh Price of Bel-air. Even as young as that Will is still so talented.

Here is the video(watch it with the sound off first, see if you get whats going on).

Will Smith did a great job in demonstrating change of emotion(happy, depression, anger, and deep depression), and the other actors in the scene as well.

At the beggining when Will's uncle is talking to Lou, his uncle has his hands on his hips, this is a defensive gesture, a gesture that says "challenge me if you dare" or "i look down on you," kind of gesture, and you can see Lou's gesture is abit hunch over, like a rat, showing unconfident and fear.

Will walks in all happy like cant wait to do something with Lou, Lous stops his tracks(reaction to another action) and turns around slowly, you can tell by his nervousness when he turns back and forth, shows unconfident and the "wht to do" kind of emotion.

You can tell Lou is giving bad news by how he's always look down and his hunch over gesture, after he told Will, you can see Will's face turns from happiness to sadness and anger, and Will says he's ok with it, when he doesnt mean it. When someone lie, they will try to contain their body from showing their real emotion, but that is easier than done. There's this thing called "Leaking" in acting terms, is when emotion would leak out(such as when your are nervous and ur hands start shaking), kind of like Micro Expressions in Lying. In this case, Will is touching his clothes alot(sign of nervousness), Will is turning his torso left and right(shows that he wants to punch him), he also rubs his nose(which is sign of lying), he looks down alot(when you think of an emotion you look down), his mouth shows Micro Expressions of anger. That's for the first half.

Second half(still watching without sound), Will gesture shows Sarcasm, cause of the big gestures and hard they are, making it look like he's happy, but he's actually furiously angry, when he closes his mouth, it shows anger:(. And then he explodes, his anger is gone, now he starts to feel sorrow. And then he starts to tear up and cry, when someone feels depress or sad, they would hunch over making them as small as possible.

That's all folks.

I almost teared up watchinng this