Saturday, March 13, 2010

Animation applied into Gymnastics/Tricking

Yesterday when i was in the gymnasium(the gymnastic type), i have made a splendid discovery, a link between Gymnastic and Animation.

How does it work? I was standing there on the mats, preparing for my run, jump, and flip, i started seeing this move as an animation(cause i was still in the animating mood, i was animating like 20 mins before i got to the gym), as in how i would plan it before i "animate" it.

For a front tuck, you would run, have a little skip, also known as Blocking in tricking terms, land, squash down(anticipate), and JUMP, with my torso leading up as high as i can, lower body being follow through, and when reach the top, i would tuck my body in as fast as i can, and automatically land on my feet.

So here i go, i went for it, and landed. It was the highest front tuck i ever gotten. After that move, i was so amazed, cause i have discovered this link, of how you can apply animation principles into gymnastic. I started using this move for other moves.

Like the Cheat 720 Kick

First i would do a half spin and jump, tossing my arms up to get height(my body being the follow through), when i reach the top, i would spin, with my torso leading, and my lower body following(follow through), i would also use my head to lead, creating faster spin, when i reach the peek of my spin, i would angle my body down and whip my leg out like a kick.

I did this, and my spin was so much faster, and i got so much higher.

So if you are gymnast, or tricker, or breakdancer, or u do anything that requires harcore physical movement, and you are an animator, try seeing you moves as an animation, like you were to animate it, and then apply it to the move you trying to do, you be amazed by how well it works.