Friday, August 7, 2009

New Chapter of my life.

As you know, i started work this week, today is the 5th day.

I got sick on the first day, i caught it in college probably, im still sick now. My new chapter starts with a sickness in work, great.

Me being sick, means no sarging tom, sucks.


I've been playing alot of piano, suddenly got this fire for it, so here is a little what i've been playing, too bad is on keyboard, so it sounds kidda weird. When i get the chance i tape it on piano. I took this vid with my webcam, so its like super low frame rate. like 15 or so.

Here's a little vid of me playing "Comptine d'un autre ete : L'apres midi" by Yann Tiersen

(you can also here me coughing a little, cause im freaking sick)

(btw i've never taken piano lesson before, ever, so if you took piano lessons you prob can spot
that mistake i have.)

And here is the actual song, and it's so badass.