Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pole Star and stuff

Pole star few days ago, went there to help out, was just chilling in the VIP room with the performance stretching and practicing. I like that room, so nice and cooling. Well all the pics are in my FB, you can go see it, too many to post here. Overall it was nice, had fun.

My DDC, have not been drawing everyday as planned, so much to do lately. I almost finished the soundfx to show Ja, its so much more awesome with the sounds, though i have to use diff creature voices for the wolf, sometime you will here a gorilla, sometime a hybrid, sometime a bengal tiger, sometime a lion, sometime just a creature growling, but they all sound almost the same, so its cool. Im the sound man CR, JOHN CONNER!!

So hooi ling called me this morning, for the interview for tutor in TOA, i be going next friday, wong loon will be interviewing me, thank goodness. Never thought i be a tutor, o well, i just go with it.